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The Future

Aristocraft's strength comes from the expertise it has achieved through years of perseverance which enables it to come up with innovative solutions. Yes, we believe in value creation for all our stake-holders and have proudly developed the capability and competitiveness to cater to their varied needs.

Imbedded in the DNA is our company philosophy to continually improve all our products, processes and services. Besides, we also aim to achieve quality certifications by leading international organisations and to be established as a quality manufacturer of automotive components and anti-counterfeit security products, with world-class production facilities.

Our continuous success and the will to extend even more advanced technologies and services to our customers has encouraged us to move inch by inch closer to our ambitious project of completing another future driven facility for Security products. We are proud to say that it is now fully operational.

…….and in the pipe-line, is yet another advanced facility for automotive component manufacturing, for which the land has already been acquired.
This should be fully functional within the next two years.


  Our Vision